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A work of art

Amatheia was able to bring my idea to life! I have always dreamed of owning a silicone tail made to look like a Blue Ring Octopus. My tail is colored to perfection and looks exactly like I had envisioned. I… Read more “A work of art”

Mermaid Otterra, The Blue Ring Octopus Mermaid

I Give Amatheia As Many Stars As Are On My Tail!

I love my tail. It fits like a dream, the artistry is GORGEOUS and my vision totally came to life! Customer service was amazing and I love my concept design art, I can’t wait to frame it. Read more “I Give Amatheia As Many Stars As Are On My Tail!”

Mermaid Kalynn: The Starry Light Mermaid

My Dream Predator

This whole experience was a dream and it could not have gone better. The turnaround time was awesome once production of the tail had begun. Amatheia was extremely awesome to work with and the she answered all my questions and… Read more “My Dream Predator”

Merman Equinox

Silicone Top is a Perfect Fit!

One thing that had me ridiculously worried as a new merp was never being able to find a top that matched my tail. I attempted to make one, but ethically, I had a hard time wearing it, as the materials… Read more “Silicone Top is a Perfect Fit!”

Mermaid Nymeria

Tail Of My Dreams!

When I first approached Amanda about making my dream tail, I had no idea what I truly wanted. Amanda was patient with me during the entire experience, answering my infinite questions and guiding me through all the intricate details of… Read more “Tail Of My Dreams!”

Mermaid Nymeria

Killer masterpiece

I am thoroughly pleased with the work of art Mermaid Amatheia has created for me.
It’s very durable. And it’s styling.
Amatheia was really easy to work with very good at open communication on all fronts. The tail… Read more “Killer masterpiece”

Megalodon Mermaid

Opulent silicone Top DD

the craftsmanship and paint jobs are above and beyond your expectations! Highly recommend her accessories and tails!

Mermaid Laysha


When I first started talking to Amatheia about my concept for a tail it was near the end of 2018. She was totally patient and informative even though I was not yet ready to buy. And when I finally was… Read more “Shatter!”


Golden Koi Queen™ Top

I abSHELLutely love my top I ordered!
The ordering process was simple, there was great communication and it came exactly as I’d planned! The silicone is of safe and durable quality and the bra fit is perfect.
I… Read more “Golden Koi Queen™ Top”

Mermaid Ginger


  Cosmetics: 8/10. My design was pretty basic but there are a few spots where you can tell… Read more “Review”


Just what I asked for!

When I first started designing my tail Amatheia was always there for me to help with design ideas and suggestions. She found the most amazing unique pigments and suggested some based on my fin-spiration fish. My end result is just… Read more “Just what I asked for!”

Mermaid Kaida, Queen of the Dragonfishes

Absolutely stunning

The fins I bought to match my finfolk pro mythic tails are so stunning! The colours match perfectly and theres obviously a lot of attention to detail in her work!
100% will both recommend and purchase more I the… Read more “Absolutely stunning”

Mermaid Felicia

Silicone fins

These cute little fins worked out great to add to my bracers loved them.

Mermaid Cindy

Silicone fins

I ordered two sets of the silicone fins when they were on sale to add to some bracers I already had and to add to my Mythic tail. They worked great and were just so pretty.

Mermaid Cindy


I purchased some silicone bracers recently and I love them so much! Very well made and the colours are absolutely stunning! So much thought and creativity, amazing artist and the tails she has created are beautiful. Very good customer service… Read more “LOVE”


Amatheia’s work is top notch!!

I bought some custom scale cuffs. Not only is the product 100% solid, Amatheia was so attentive and high touch. She’s extremely responsive and personable. The cuffs themselves are very sturdy and well made. The color shifting is gorgeous and… Read more “Amatheia’s work is top notch!!”

Merman Icarus

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What is your mermaid name?
What is your email address?
A headline for your testimonial.
What do you think about us?