Silicone Top is a Perfect Fit!

One thing that had me ridiculously worried as a new merp was never being able to find a top that matched my tail. I attempted to make one, but ethically, I had a hard time wearing it, as the materials I used weren’t great for the environment.
Enter Mermaid Amatheia!
Not only did she make a glorious top that matched my silicone tail perfectly, she used materials that are fish friendly!
Amanda was incredibly attentive when it came to listening to my needs regarding the fit and flow of the top, making sure I was comfortable with all the details until the very end! One thing I really liked about the process was that I got to be heavily involved with picking out the base top, ensuring that there was no guess-work when it came to having the right size.
Amanda is amazingly talented, and I recommend her to any mermaid!