Cosmetics: 8/10. My design was pretty basic but there are a few spots where you can tell it’s a little bit rough but I’m still extremely happy with the blending and how it looks Over All. Some of my favourite parts of the tail are the blended waist which I hardly ever edit and as well the dorsal fin which is just absolutely adorable.
For Comfort, I’m going to give it a nine out of 10. This tail weighs about 35 lbs so I do get some strain on the tops of my feet when I’m swimming in it but other than that it fits me like a glove and I feel very very happy in it as a mermaid. Getting on this tail is somewhat uncomfortable having to lube up my legs and everything but it’s totally worth it and you have to expect that sort of thing when you get a silicone tail.
Durability: 9/10. With silicone tails you really can’t judge the durability until you’ve used it I’d say for over a year but so far I’m really really happy with it.The only thing that has broken is one of the little heel fins they started to tear but thankfully she was able to repair it easily. The monofin seems to be working just fine in the tail and I haven’t had any issues with the silicone ripping even at the Blended waist.
Customer service: 10/10. My ordering process was easy and it was super convenient to send her my design and my design inspiration as well as my measurements. We ended up doing a duct tape dummy and that’s why my tail fits so well. I was constantly getting updates on how my tail was going and as well she showed me different ideas of what would work in regards to fin placement, flip design, and the logistics of getting my tail. She’s giving me a detailed care sheet and even repaired my tail for free when I was freaking out about the fins. I feel like the luckiest mermaid in the world to be able to get a one-of-a-kind silicone tail from mermaid Amatheia
Performance: 8/10. Obviously, with this being my first silicone tail it was a pretty different experience than what I knew but with that being said I am so impressed with how well I was able to swim in this tail. I feel safe in it and I’m able to get it off in the water and as I said earlier I’m able to do pretty much all the same things I can do in my regular tails. It is tiresome to swimming but I’m able to control my buoyancy fairly well even though it’s a lot heavier than my other tails. Learning to get it on was a bit of a challenge that’s for sure and taking care of this tail is so much more time and effort than any of my other tails. But all the hesitancies and fears of my tail have just been Stripped Away with how much I adore this thing and how my dreams have come true. I just feel so happy that I’m able to support a talented up-and-coming tail maker from my home. I hope that everyone who has silicone Tails from her is happy with it as I am with mine.
So my total score for this review is 44 out of 50, that’s an 88% that’s an A. I’d say that’s an accurate grade for this tail. Keep in mind that my review is of one of her first-ever silicone tails made for someone else and this is my first ever silicone tail but I’m pretty sure her work speaks for itself, she is very very talented and an absolute joy to work with.

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