Just what I asked for!

When I first started designing my tail Amatheia was always there for me to help with design ideas and suggestions. She found the most amazing unique pigments and suggested some based on my fin-spiration fish. My end result is just what I asked for. Her colors came out even more vivid than I expected!

One of the things I most like about my tail is the details. They are all very clean and well finished. Every scale is clear and beautiful. The fins are elegant and have realistic details. So many other tails I looked at had very rough and sloppy fine detailing.

She was always great at communicating every step of the way! I could always pop in and ask for an update. If Amatheia thought there was a better placement for a fin, she asked me about it and sent me pics to help. I always felt like I knew just what was going on with my project.

I chose the Aphrodite Fluke, which IS a very large fluke. I was worried I couldn’t handle it. It is a heavy model for a petite woman. But man in person it flows soooo smoothly. I’m always surprised how much faster I’m going than I think I am! Corkscrews in this tail are so fun and the movement is like a dream!