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Want To Make a Splash?

Our ordering process has made desiging and creating a custom mertail just for you as easy as can be. Here's how it works:

1. Order Your Tails and/or Fins

Order your custom-made mertail and/or additional fins at our store. Once your order it placed, you can get your feet wet in our online creative studio.

2. Colour Yourself

Use our designer to style your tail, describe your vision, upload color charts, and attach inspirational photos.

3. Get Fitted

Send us your measurements  and we'll build you a tail that fits like a second skin, is hydrodynamic, and moves like an extension of yourself as you swim.

4. Dive In!

We will work with you and keep you updated your order's progress. Videos, photos, and frequent communications will make sure you are kept involved throughout the design, construction, and shipping of your new tail and fins.

All our tails are made with brand new Scylla scales.

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Mertail Examples

Angelfish Mermaid

Ione pectoral fins
Ione knee fins
Thaleia ankle fins
Hermes fluke


Betta Mermaid

Panopeia pectoral fins
Klaia calf fins
Aphrodite fluke

Fantasy Butterfly Mermaid

Ceto pectoral fins
Galatea calf fins
Ganymede fluke