Simple Custom Silicone Mermaid Top


  • silicone mermaid top
  • 100% waterproof
  • multiway straps
  • extra straps included
  • your custom size
  • your custom design

Pick your cup shape and your embellishment below.



Want a stunning mermaid top to complete your mermaid transformation? Add a magical mermaid top to your collection. Our silicone bra tops are 100% waterproof and come with an extra pair of thick silicone straps. Featuring our seashell shaped ruffle fins, starfish or abalone shells all cast in silicone!

Our simple line of tops offers one set of fins, starfish or abalone on the cups plus 1 embellishment. Choose Starfish with coral or Panopeia Fins with Feathers. You can combine any cup design with any embellishment listed. Please note, our crystal embellishments are only available on our Deluxe line.

The base top is a nude coloured multi way strapped bra with thin padding and underwire for support. Other colours are available, please let us know after your order.

Email us after your purchase for your top colours. We can make them any colour or finish!


Available Cup Shapes

Our Knobby Starfish are large and would fit great on larger cups sizes. The abalone shells are small and do better on a smaller cup size. Panopeia and Thetis look amazing on all cup sizes. We add an extra special ruffle to the top of the cup for larger bra sizes to give full coverage over the base bra. Select one above.

About our Embellishments

Our Ruffled Coral comes with 4 pieces total.  Dyna and Era Fins come with 4 pieces. The Feathers include 8 pieces plus a medallion. Please note our Crystal Growths are only available on our Deluxe line. Select one above.


Wait Times For Custom Tops

Due to their hand made nature by a real artist it can take 3 weeks to finish a custom top plus 2 weeks shipping time, please consider this when ordering, thank you!



We order our multi-way bras from Amazon and they fit one size smaller than listed. We correct this in our listings but please know your bra will fit your size but it will have a larger size printed on the bra product tag as we size them up when ordering.


Additional Upgrades

For extra embellishments, or any other add-ons to your bra order we will charge an additional $50 – $100 fee depending on your choice of upgrade in the design. Please see our Deluxe Mermaid Top listing for more extravagant tops.

Additional information

Cup Shape

Abalone, Knobby Starfish, Panopeia, Thetis


Dyna Fins, Era Fins, Feathers, Ruffle Coral

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