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Silicone Mermaid Tail

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Transform yourself into a real mermaid with one of our custom silicone mermaid tails. Choose your favourite fluke shape and your scales of choice in the drop down menus. Don’t forget to browse our many extra fins and complete your mermaid look with a matching custom swim top.

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After you order we will contact you to discuss your mermaid dream tail colours and collect your measurements.

Our mermaid tails are fully customized to fit you and swimmable. We make tails for anyone, any size and in any colour.

  • made out of 100% platinum-cure dragonskin silicone
  • detailed, unique and blended seam scales in two different styles
  • customized to fit your unique shape
  • swimmable
  • non-toxic
  • material won’t break down in chlorinated water, salt water or sunlight
  • creatively airbrushed with silicone pigment for a pearly, metallic or luminescent finish.
  • a professional monofin encased inside the fluke for easy swimming
  • hidden water drainage channels at the end of the fluke

Available Designs

We offer 6 unique fluke designs,  more than 20 fishy fins and 2 different scale styles. All sculpted and cast by our experienced artist, Amanda Eccleston. Visit our gallery to see finished examples of our mermaid designs. We do not offer custom sculpts or molds at this time.



How They Are Made

It all starts with a concept drawing and then life sized blueprints and molds are made. Molds are sculpted out of clay and cast in plaster to capture their meticulous detail. After deciding on the right measurements platinum cure silicone is mixed and poured in the molds to create the scales and fins. All the silicone parts are glued together with more silicone to bond the tail. A fibreglass monofin is encased inside the fluke of the tail for easy propulsion while swimming. Tails are airbrushed with custom coloured silicone in a variety of patterns and finishes. Meticulous attention to detail goes into each tail for a realistic and beautiful mermaid look. For more info visit our FAQ.

How To Order

Ready to order? First pick the fluke shape and scales you desire and add the tail to you cart. You can now proceed to checkout for a sleek mermaid tail or purchase additional fins to decorate it for extravagance. When everything is added to your cart proceed to checkout. Due to their hand made nature and time consuming process one tail at a time can be purchased. Check our Shop Tails page to see how long the current wait time is for a custom tail.

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