Silicone Abalone Shell – Mermaid Toy or for DIY Crafts


  • 100% dragonskin silicone
  • airbrushed with your choice of colours
  • beautifully detailed to resemble an abalone shell
  • flat on the bottom
  • use two for your own DIY mermaid top





Want to make your own DIY mermaid top? You can order our silicone abalone shells! We will cast them and paint them in any colour. These look amazing with chameleon pigments and hologlitter added on top. Don’t settle for real abalone shells that don’t flex with your movement. Keep the real abalone alive in the ocean where they belong. One of our abalone would also be great for a mermaid pool toy.

Our abalone are on the small size and would best fit a small sized mermaid top.

Silicone abalone can be glued to fabric using Sil-Poxy glue by Smooth-On.

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Single or Pair

A Pair, Just One

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