Mermaid Scale Pasties – Scalloped Emerald Green Half Moon Style 2


A matching pair of our new silicone mermaid nipple pasties of emerald green scalloped scales in a half moon shape. Just use prosthetic glue to adhere them and they got you covered!

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For our mers who believe less is more, we are now offering silicone mermaid scale pasties. Skin-safe, durable and airbrushed with pearly silicone paint. They are very light and with a concave shape to fit the body’s curves without warping.

How-To Apply:

We highly recommend using Smooth-On’s Skin-Tite prosthetic glue with these 100% silicone prosthetics. Skin-Tite is also skin safe, adheres to the silicone of the pastie, and has a strong bond to the skin. When you’re ready to peel the prosthetic off it gently removes with no residue. Also, any body hair in the glue will release easily so no worries about the glue pulling your hair out. Skin-Tite bonds to clean dry skin and when cured will work underwater.  Skin-Tite sold separately at your local Smooth-On products dealer.



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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in


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