Hermes Mermaid Tail


  • inspired by bird wings and angelfish
  • designed for a Finis Shooter monofin
  • L 78cm x W 1.06m
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Tails are fully customized to fit you and swimmable. We make tails for anyone, any size and in any colour.

  • made out of 100% platinum-cure dragonskin silicone
  • detailed, unique and blended seam scales in our “Scylla” design
  • customized to fit your unique shape
  • swimmable
  • non-toxic
  • won’t break down in chlorinated water, salt water or sunlight
  • creatively airbrushed with silicone pigment for a pearly, metallic or luminescent finish.
  • a professional Finis monofin encased inside the fluke for easy swimming
  • hidden drainage channels at the end of the fluke