Deluxe Silicone Mermaid Top – 32C

$495.00 $396.00

  • silicone mermaid top
  • 100% waterproof
  • multiway straps
  • extra straps included
  • size 32C
  • scales wrapped around to the back clasp

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Mermaid iridescent crystal dream top. Featuring our Panopeia and Ceto fins with a chameleon glitter pigment and hologlitter finish. This top colour shifts from cyan to purple as the light changes around it.

Our deluxe line of tops offers 100% silicone bra coverage with 2 sets of ruffled fins, scales and either crystals, coral or feather embellishments.

Want a stunning mermaid top to complete your mermaid transformation? Add a magical mermaid top to your collection. Our silicone bra tops are 100% waterproof and come with an extra pair of thick silicone straps. Featuring our seashell shaped ruffle fins, starfish or abalone shells all cast in silicone!

The base top is a multi way strapped bra with thin padding and underwire for support.

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