A Mermaid's Life for Me


While snorkelling one summer I was struck by the thought that to swim like a mermaid is the closest experience to flying I have ever had. Like wings, my arms and monofin propelled me above the rippling lake bed. I felt, at first, that if I doubted myself or faltered my “wings” would fail and I would fall to the bottom. But I never fell. Buoyant as a balloon and powerful as a humpback, I soared. Swimming like a mermaid is the most at home in the water I have ever felt.

The watery realm sings to us, and those who answer take up the mermaid lifestyle. Swimming of any kind can be freeing, but swimming in a mermaid tail is transcendent.

Here at Mermaid Amatheia, we spend our days designing, making tails, and advocating for healthy water ecosystems. For those who also hear the sea's call, we offer not only custom tail, fin, and fluke services, but a community of mers who share your love of all things ocean. We will welcome your mersona into our pod, and will ensure your mersperience is original, freeing, and exceeding expectation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create custom mermaid tails that honour the natural beauty of aquatic life across the world. Any fish or marine life can inspire a beautiful mermaid.

Every tail is unique and reflects the personality of its wearer.

Becoming a mermaid can feel a world away. Mermaid Amatheia is here to help  bring your vision to life.


Our Promise

Completed 2019 | White Pearl and Pastel Tail | | Model: Mermaid Nymeria

Mermaid Amatheia promises to make you a mertail unique to you. We work with you to bring your vision to life, reflecting your own mersona. We aim to make realistic tails that will stand out from the other fishes.

We promise to provide a quality tail and ordering experience. When you order with Mermaid Amatheia you become a member of our pod. We communicate with you throughout the ordering experience, and will send photos and videos of your tail while it is under construction to confirm that it is coming along to your liking.