Mermaid Tails

We use a skin safe, non-toxic silicone called Dragonskin. Dragonskin is a lifelike, rubbery, soft but strong material that stretches over your legs. Each tail has a proffessional rubber and fibreglass monofin inside the fluke for propulsion.

We are currently not offering any mermaid tails at this time. Please join our mailing list to be notified when we do. 

Our tails are for adult, experienced mermaids only. You need to be a strong swimmer and know how to do the “dolphin kick”. If you are new to mermaiding, we recommend buying a monofin and practicing first, under the watchful eyes of a lifeguard before you buy a tail. Stay safe and never swim alone or in water too deep for your ability.

We are currently not accepting any tail orders at this time. Please join our mailing list to be notified when we do. 

It depends on how many extra fins are on it and the detail of the final paint job. Email us for a more accurate time frame to expect your custom tail. We will work with you during this time to make sure your tail is progressing as you imagined it.

Current wait time for a completed silicone tail: 

Custom tail orders are closed at this time.

We swim and make tails in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

There are mermaid tails for any person, profession or occassion. Some people mermaid as a personal hobby. Others are professionals who perform with their tails at aquariums, birthdays, parties, or public events. Photography studios looking to give clients a different photo experience also purchase tails. Movie studios require tails for productions as well. The possibilities are endless!

As of 2022 all our tails are custom orders only. We may in the future however offer a premade tail if we are inspired to make an original design.

First, apply a lubricant to your legs. Personal lubricant or coconut oil both work well. Then, sit down and put one foot into the fin at a time. Gently pull the rest of the tail up to your waist. The more you practice, the faster putting on the tail will be.

Silicone is very strong and durable, but tails will wear and tear over time with continued use. Here’s how to take good care of your tail to make it last.

  1. Treat your scales and fins like they are your own skin. Don’t drag your tail across rocks or puncture it. Don’t let people stand on it or pull too hard on your fins.
  2. Lubricant makes your tail easier to pull on, so use lots! Water based lube is best because it dissolves easily once you’re in the water. Coconut oil is best for dry events.
  3. Wash your tail after each use in a cold bath with 6 cups of white vinegar. Use a gentle brush or just your hands to scrub the inside. Rinse out and lay flat to dry. A towel or pool noodle placed inside the tail will allow it to dry faster and prevent the growth of mold. A small fan positioned to blow inside the tail will help it dry out faster.
  4. Protect your tail during transport by wrapping it in a blanket or
    placed in a large suitcase or tail bag.
  5. In the unlikely event you need to touch up your tail, you can use
    Sil-Poxy mixed with pigment that matches the tail colour to mask
    areas that need love. If there is a tear, pin both sides together
    and use Sil-Poxy to adhere them.

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Please contact us to ask if we are accepting tail orders at this time. 

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Shipping on all items is calculated and included in their total upon check-out. We ship with UPS and Canada Post. 

We only accept full payment for our items at time of purchase. 

We will accept a return on premade items only. We do not accept returns of custom orders. Once the item is made it is yours to keep and cannot be changed or remade. We work diligently to match your tail or top to your vision. We double and triple check measurements. It is the client's responsibility to provide accurate measurements and input during the production process to ensure they are satisfied with their original, custom product.

Yes, we custom make them to any size.

Any colour and in any pattern! Color changing pigments, holographic glitter, pearly, metallic or luminescent finishes are all available.


We ship to most countries globally but please contact us for shipping delays to your country due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For all items shipping charges calculated and added to your order upon checkout. 

Shipments within Canada take 5-7 business days. Shipments to the USA take 7-14 business days. All other international shipments take 2-8 weeks to arrive. Please note: due to the Covid-19 pandemic there may be delays to your country. Contact us before ordering. 

We default to Canada Post and UPS, but our providers can differ depending on where the shipment is going.

Shipping prices for tails vary depending on your destination. Domestic shipping is $175.00 to $200.00. International shipping charges can be $300.00 - $650.00. There may be tariff or import charges applied to your parcel. It is the customer's responsibility to pay these additional costs.

For smaller items shipping can be $15 - $75.00 depending on where it is going in the world. 

We wrap your tail in soft natural materials and place it in a large study box. We do not use plastic in our shipping materials.

Every shipment is tracked. You will recieve a tracking number when the parcel has been shipped.

If there is any shipping issue with your item contact us immediately. As the shipper, only we can track it down and file a claim or a return.