2021 In Review

2021 In the Rearview Mirror

Dear merling, January is always a time of reflection and I paused today to take a look back at last year’s accomplishments. 2021 felt like a second 2020 for obvious reasons. It had turbulent waves and gentle eddys with some whirlpools sprinkled in here and there. In the year though, I did some projects and made some memories that I want to share again with you.

Photos by Nerdmaid and Amatheia

My first project was Nerdmaid’s tail repaint and I made her a matching top to go with her whole ensemble. I was seeing stars for days after this repaint.

Next up was a brand new tail and top for Sam  for my client, Sam. Inspired by the tropical blue chromis fishy this tail is a vivid blue that electrifies any scene it’s in. 

Photos by Wes

In the summer time it was time to hit the water. Nerdmaid and her Mertender Bryson joined Wes and I at Green lake for a weekend of camping and swimming. Glad it warmed up for us on the last day, and by Neptune, Canadian water is cold. Brr!

Photo courtesy of @Jenndalen/Twitter

We were in for a much warmer summer than we bargained for however. The last day of our camping trip was the first day of an unprecedented heat wave which scorched our province and ignited massive wildfires for the next 7 weeks. After our city survived a mega lightning storm the rest of the summer was spent smothered in smoke and ashes that rained from the sky almost everyday. It also became too hot in the studio to make anything out of silicone. I had to pause work for the time and decided since this would set back production considerably to close orders until everything ordered in 2021 was finished. Relief came in the form of summer rains mid-august and we all breathed a sigh of relief. Unfortunalty our province lost an entire town, Lytton, and other rural communities were considerably impacted. 

Right before the heat wave struck I finished a monarch butterfly top for Mermaid Raina. It inspired another butterfly top order for my client Shannon. These are lovely and I am actually going to make a new mold of this design so its easier to make in the future. Its actually 6 total fins in my Ceto style all painted and glued on separately with scales and other fins. If it was just one or two molds it would be so much faster to make! 

Photos by Wes

We escaped the smoke of the fires for a few days by driving a few hundred kilometres Northwest into the Chilcotins. Was a refreshing weekend that was spent with good friends in crystal clear water. I NEED to go back this year. 

Photos courtesy Mermaid Kaida

And then it was time to reunite with the Mermaids of BC Pod for the first time in 2 years. I missed my podlings! I caught them at a beach meet in August and then a spooky splash in October. 

After completing other repairs and repaints for a few other clients it was time to finish the Queen repaint. This took FOREVER but wow, does it look good. You can’t rush art, you really can’t. It almost broke me though not gonna lie. I have since created a new set of rules when it comes to doing repaints or even just painting a new tail. Yellow, orange and purple do not airbrush well together without considerable amounts of layers in other bright colours as a base. So I’m not allowed to work with those colours ever again lol. Okay well maybe…there’s this purple, red and orange concept I’ve had in mind for my own next tail…oh no, here we go again. 

Finished off the year with my 5 original tops in green and white colours. Inspired by tropical fish and sea shells I can’t wait to see who collects these beauties.  

Happy New Year, Merling!

Wishing you a year full of love, water and new adventures. 

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