Original, customized, and swimmable mermaid tails to make you an exceptional merling.

"Our promise is to provide a top-quality, fully unique,  custom mersperience. When you become our client you become family. We will work with you to ensure your tail meets your expectations and beyond."


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Absolutely stunning

The fins I bought to match my finfolk pro mythic tails are so stunning! The colours match perfectly and theres obviously a lot of attention… Read more “Absolutely stunning”

Mermaid Felicia


I purchased some silicone bracers recently and I love them so much! Very well made and the colours are absolutely stunning! So much thought and… Read more “LOVE”


Silicone fins

I ordered two sets of the silicone fins when they were on sale to add to some bracers I already had and to add to… Read more “Silicone fins”

Mermaid Cindy

Amatheia’s work is top notch!!

I bought some custom scale cuffs. Not only is the product 100% solid, Amatheia was so attentive and high touch. She’s extremely responsive and personable.… Read more “Amatheia’s work is top notch!!”

Merman Icarus

Silicone fins

These cute little fins worked out great to add to my bracers loved them.

Mermaid Cindy